Building on decades of expertise in digital signal processing (DSP), develop and supply the Canadian specialists in NUTAQ various rapid prototyping, testing and validation solutions – the foundations and topics for the next generation of wireless innovations, such as software defined radios (SDR ), 5G Massive MIMO, CRAN, HetNet and IoT.


The PicoSDR system forms a “Powerful MIMO Prototyping Platform” with a model-based design and support of GNU Radio. Thanks to large FPGAs and libraries no single line of HDL code development.
Special features include:

  • 2×2, 4×4 or 8×8* modular FMC-based Radio Heads
  • Software defined up to 6 GHz and 56 MHz BW
  • Model-based Design Support
  • GNU Radio Support (see details)
  • Large Virtex-6 FPGA
  • Embedded or External PC
  • QAM64 OFDM Ref Design
  • Low Latency (75 µs roundtrip) and high speed (10 Gbps) PCIe interface
  • Standard network GigE interface
For more information on SDR, visit the homepage NUTAQ. We will advise you in this particular field.

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