Infovista – the leading provider of network performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative world – and Yotavis AG, the Swiss provider of quality testing products, consulting, engineering and measurement services company, today announced to start their partnership to jointly offer mobile network benchmarking products and services to customers in Switzerland. Building on a broad know-how of network quality, Yotavis and Infovista are starting a new era together with synergies that will address the growing demands of the 5G industry to provide a competitive mobile network and deliver a superior customer experience.

Within the past years, the Yotavis team has worked on several projects including selected telecommunications analysis projects and testing campaigns, providing actionable insights to network operators, installers and other telecom related industries regarding the performance of new services such as Voice and Video over LTE from the subscriber point of view. Through this, network operators and users gain the intelligence and support they need to improve the quality of those services as their networks evolve towards 5G, ensuring continued customer loyalty and revenue generation.

Infovista is providing Yotavis with state-of-the-art network testing and benchmarking solutions, which are recognized worldwide for providing comprehensive and reliable insight into service quality and subscriber experience. Yotavis will use Infovista TEMS solution portfolio as perfect source of data collection to provide network analysis, benchmarking and optimization services, generating the industry standard score based on professional measurement methodology used in worldwide network testing.

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