The new microwave signal generators of the SSG6000A series from SIGLENT can generate signals in a frequency range from 100 kHz up to 40 GHz and supports AM and pulse modulation, pulse sequence generator, power meter control and other functions.

They offer industry-leading performance in terms of phase noise, harmonic signal and output power level. The SIGLENT SSG6000A are powerful and cost-effective sources ideal for R&D, communication, aerospace, national defense, manufacturing and other fields.

Pulse modulation on/off ratio is more than 80 dB, and the rise/fall time is less than 15 ns. Pulse train generator has pulse width of 20 ns ~ 300 s and as many as 2047 different pulses. The pulse repetition period can be changed from 1 to a maximum of 65,535 which produces a very long, customizable pulse train that can be used for testing.

Key features are:

  • Frequency up to 13.6 GHz/20 GHz or 40 GHz
  • 0.01 Hz Resolution of frequency setting
  • Level setting range: -130 dBm ~ 24 dBm
  • Phase noise: -135 dBc/ Hz at 1 GHz, 20 kHz offset (typ.)
  • Provides AM analog modulation with internal, external or Int+Ext source
  • Single pulse, double pulse and pulse train generator (option)

You can find more information on the webpage of SIGLENT.

New! SSG6000A Series Signal Generator’s up to 40 GHz

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