SIGLENT Technologies introduces the extension of the vector network analyser series SNA5000A, which was released about 18 months ago. The two new models are available in bandwidths of 13.5 GHz and 26.5 GHz. Following the introduction of the SSG5000A RF generator (up to 20 GHz) and the SSA5000A spectrum analyser (up to 26.5 GHz) in September 2022, SIGLENT now completes its range of RF measurement solutions up to 26.5 GHz with these new models.

Unlike the existing models of the SNA5000A series, which are available as 2- or 4-port analyzers, the new models (SNA5022A/SNA5032A) will initially be offered in the 2-port version only. The dynamic range spans 125 dB and allows, for example, an exact analysis of the stopband of a filter without losing sight of the passband. All typical S-parameters and, with the 4-port units, all differential S-parameters can be measured. With the help of the options SNA5000-TDA (Time Domain Analysis) or SNA5000-TDR (Advanced Time Domain Analysis) it is possible to perform analyses in the time domain. This includes the display of the eye diagram and the measurement of jitter. Optionally, a spectrum analyser functionality can be added to the series.

The accuracy of a network analyser is strongly linked to the accuracy of the calibration. Depending on the application, different calibration techniques are necessary to obtain optimal results. The SNA5000A series offers a wide range of possibilities. The changeable reference plane, port matching and embedding/de-embedding of test sockets allow to reduce external influences. The SNA5000A series VNAs offer five sweep types: Frequency sweep linear and logarithmic, output power sweep, time domain sweep and the segmented sweep. The formula editor and mask test support the developer in analysing his DUT and speed up evaluation and verification. The large 12-inch touch screen can be flexibly configured so that several windows with different measurements can be clearly displayed. The short-cut menu helps with configuration and provides quick access to the most important functions. The unit supports external mouse and keyboard and can be controlled from the computer with the integrated web server without any external software.

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New! SIGLENT SNA5000A up to 26.5GHz

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