YOTASYS AG is developing a powerful and modular system (MADS) for the detection and classification of drones.


Brochure MADS

The growth of drone and UAV technology is raising concerns about the threat posed by drones in both the civilian and military sectors. In the civilian sector, small drones have proliferated to an extent that has alarmed airfield authorities and security forces alike. The consequences of a large drone hitting an aircraft during landing or take-off would be comparable to a bird strike – potentially catastrophic.
The stories of a drone being used to smuggle goods such as weapons, drugs or phones into a prison facility are countless. Drones have also been used to attack VIPs in some recent incidents – using explosives or biochemical weapons with serious consequences.


The Y3010A is a small, fully autonomously functioning and innovative static surveillance radar with low radiation power, used for surveillance operations or drone detection. It detects and tracks the object movements in the area of application. Detected targets, such as drones, are displayed on a separate PC or laptop website, which can be used at long distances from the radar via a local or wireless WLAN/mobile network.

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