The implementation of test and measurement tasks requires – in addition to a professional specialist – measuring equipment and a specific expertise of the applications and technologies. The YOTAVIS company has an excellent portfolio of instruments – which are immediately available usually as demo devices – plus a team of professionals, which can be ordered for conducting specials audits of your systems.

We call this service “Quality as a Service” or short: QaaS.

SM Technician

The technologies of information and telecommunications systems, for which YOTAVIS is offering specific measurement services, include:

  • Mobile GSM/UMTS/LTE
    Conducting walk- and drive tests (signal covers indoor / outdoor)
  • Base stations
    Measurements of passive intermodulation (PIM)
  • Antenna systems
    Measurement of return loss and distance-to-fault, Troubleshooting
  • Ethernet LAN/WAN
    Measurements of performance (RFC2544) up to 100 Gbit/s
  • Wireless Networks WLAN/WiFi
    Measure the coverage and packet analysis for any 802.11x standards
  • Fiber connections (FTTx)
    Measurements of installations (OTDR) and signal level
  • Transmission systems
    Measurements of BERT/eyediagram to 32Gbit/s
  • RF transmissions
    Measurements for Bluetooth or ISM communication
  • RF components
    Measurements of vector S-parameters to 70 GHz (VNA)
  • Security checks
    Search of transmission signals (Technical Security Counter Measurements TSCM)

Depending on the mission and scope of the test, the job is done with a comprehensive report on the measurement results.

For more information please see the data sheet. Discuss your requirements with us or contact YOTAVIS
for a specific offer!


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