Transport-Datacom applications requiring extremely high reliability and a frequent monitoring and testing at every stage of research and development, production, deployment and maintenance.

Anritsu provides a comprehensive range of measuring instruments for Bit Error Rate (BER), frame and log inspection – for networks with technologies such as IP, Ethernet, MPLS, SONET, SDH, DWDM, ATM, ISDN, SS7, VoIP, PDH, DSn and future systems of up to 400 Gbps. Our products are used by both designers and manufacturers of transport and datacom systems and end-user companies to monitor their own systems.

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GL Communication offers Comprehensive Testing for Analog, T1, E1, T3, E3, Ethernet, OC-3/12, STM-1/4, Wireless, and IP Networks

From the company LiveAction we offer comprehensive tools for IP Network Applicances and data analysis for monitoring and security.

From the company GARLAND TECHNOLOGY offers YOTAVIS a comprehensive set of test access ports TAPs at – owned for 100% visibility in real time!

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